Montana Free, free your personality

Montana Free shelving system consists of 12 standard compositions that you can choose with an optional interposed shelf. The standard compositions range in size and function from the smallest design: a two-shelf-high bench that can fit under a window – to the largest solution: a six-shelf-high unit perfect as both an airy and decorative room divider or a spacious shelving unit placed against a wall.  

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 1.jpg

“Freedom is the opening act before happiness comes on”.

Designed by Jakob Wagner

The new Montana Free shelving system is a new kind of furniture for a new way of living. Freestanding, easy to assemble and irresistibly mobile. Choose from 12 compositions with or without interposed shelves in 4 colour possibilities and optional textile panels in 8 different colours.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 8.jpg
Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 7.jpg

“Freedom is my favorite color”.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 9.jpg
Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 10.jpg

“Freedom is not a feeling, it's a lifestyle”.

Montana Free Shelving ChinaRed, storage solutions, scandinavian design, interiors styling 6.jpg

Montana Free is designed to last. But also made for change. Because life changes. Your mood changes. Your needs change. So does Montana Free. Move it around, expand it, add more colours.

Inspiration: how it’s getting styled.

Montana Collection IV

This season, Montana introduced their new Collection IV, which is a series of ready-made pieces that you can easily choose for specific solutions. This collection comes very handy for those who love Montana but are overwhelmed by the huge array of possibilities the Brand has to offer. The whole philosophy of Montana since it began in 1982, is to create possibilities, and this new way of presenting these, as they call them “ready-made solutions” , give a specific function to each one of them, so you only have to pick your solution and choose your favourite among 42 different colours.

All of these awesome images were created by Montana.

We have divided them into the separate areas of the home.

Everything you can order via and if there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For the hallway

Montana Clothes Bar, Rail interior design, lifestyle, scandinavian interior, storage solutions, scandinavian design.jpg

RAIL - is ideal for wall-mounting in the hallway or the entrance of a bedroom or closet.

SHOE, Montana Hall, storage solution, scandinavian design lifestyle, styling 1.jpg

HIDE - The shoe storage cabinet with a tilting door and interior plastic mat protecting from dirt and scratches.

SHOE, Montana Hall, storage solution, scandinavian design.jpg

COAT - a modern take on the hat shelf consisting of a cabinet with two compartments with a clothing rack attached underneath. and

UNLOCK - a small wall mounted cabinet for keys and small items fitting perfectly in a small hallway.

For the living room

REST - a combined bench and shelving unit, perfect in the hallway for either seating or keeping your favourite items.

REST Montana Furniture, Interiors Modern furniture, scandinavian design, lifestyle 3.jpg

Both a bench and a storage solution, Rest is the perfect example of a multifunctional furniture.

REST Montana Furniture, Interiors Modern furniture, scandinavian design, lifestyle.jpg

READ - the classic bookshelf composed by displaced shelves in varying sizes perfect for books and bits and bobs.


BEND - an open-shelf with a playful - almost sculptural - expression. 


For the dining room

SHOW - a small bookcase for the living room, storage solution for the hallway or as display solution for the kitchen.


CELEBRATE - ideal as bar cabinet where beverages and equipment for making drinks can be stored during day time and transform the living room for party time at special occasions. 

RISE - display cabinet an ideal storage solution for the dining room or kitchen, great to store what is to be displayed and what needs to be stored away.


PAIR a cabinet and chest of drawers in one.


For the bedroom

DREAM - ideal as a bedside table in the bedroom for books, a glass of water, glasses or the alarm clock.

DREAM Montana Furniture, home interiors, bedroom, scandinavian design, home furniture.jpg

The nightstand is also usable as a flexible side table in the living room or hall.

KEEP - a chest of drawers ideal to keep everything in order in the bedroom, living room or in the hall. If you eventually desire a new look just move away the top module and use it separately.

KEEP Montana Furniture, home interiors, scandinavian design, storage solution 1.jpg


The ideal dresser for the living room, bedroom or home office where to store and keep things in order until you need them again.

For the kids

PLAY Montana collection, kids furniture, storage solution, scandinavian design, styling, lifestyle, concept design 3.jpg


Organize teddy bears, dolls, cars and blocks in the colourful PLAY storage box on castors.

Montana’s unique colour palette consists of 42 lacquer colours. In collaboration with the colour expert Pernille Kaagaard they have created 7 colour families with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer colours.

MONTANA water based lacquer colours

Montana TV and Sound

Montana TV & Sound.

The TV & Sound modules have been designed for storing Hi-Fi systems and electronic equipment. Enjoy your high resolution TV and crisp surround sound without the clutter of cables, remote controls and other electronic devices and accessories. Store it all away in a classic and beautiful storage solution, designed to suit your needs. Choose between the Montana 42 colour-palette. This shelving unit is available with legs, castors, suspension rails or plinth. 

Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 6.jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 3.jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design.jpg

The retractable doors discreetly hide the electronic equipment. The door has a perforated steel front lacquered in Montana’s colours. The door has no handles; to open, push lightly at the bottom and slide it up under the top of the unit. The perforated retractable door makes it possible to operate electronic equipment through the closed door, and provides better air circulation around the devices.

Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design .jpg
Montana furniture TV and Sound, modern furniture, scandinavian design 2.jpg

Design your own

Choose between a multitude of different models and sizes with doors, drawers, perforated retractable doors, suspended on the wall, with castors, on a plinth or on legs.

unnamed (1).jpg

Play with a palette of 42 colours. Let it blend in or stand out.

unnamed (2).jpg

Endless opportunities to create, frame and tell your personal stories through clever design and superior craftsmanship.

Want to know more?

Contact us for price information and to make an appointment to see it up-close.

KorsIT. Making it cool!

“Making it cool” was the main importance for S. when we talked about their wishes for their companies’ head quarters. They had recently moved in a newly renovated building in Zwembadweg and needed an extra touch to give the space their personality.

We have been working on it on and off for the last year but here is its latest advance.

Ill share images of the “before” status so you get a better idea of what we did.

With this project we realised how much we love to represent a brand through its interiors.

Entrance, hall, interior design, interior project for Kors IT Headquarters in Eindhoven .jpg

This is the entrance hall; blue is their main corporate colour, so we played around with it generating a play with the different geometries of the paint vs the storage boxes - the well known Mini Stacked by Muuto.

The Dots added to make room for their coats; the wall becomes some kind of ephemeral installation that is always changing depending on the users and the season of the year.

Entrance, hall, the dots Muuto interior design, interior project for Kors IT Headquarters in Eindhoven 1.jpg
Entrance, hall, interior design, interior project for Kors IT Headquarters in Eindhoven 1.jpg

Looking into the “playroom from the entrance.

* work in progress.
I can see a beautiful Logo to greet visitors as well as a few compliments to tie everything up…

Lounge space, interior design project for Kors IT headquarters in Eindhoven 5.jpg

Being it a young IT company means their people are really into games, of course this meant that we had to give it a special attention. again, Blue to talk about the brand and a little yellow to create contrast. Contrast and lamps created all the difference in this corner.

The rug is an amazing recycled plastic-fiber rug made in Denmark called Bolon, check it out, we love it.

Lounge space, interior design project for Kors IT headquarters in Eindhoven 14.jpg

The Studio Lamp, also by Muuto over their existing pool table, which they use a lot, and bar designed and fabricated by us ;) ,

Lounge space, interior design project for Kors IT headquarters in Eindhoven 11.jpg
Baux Sound panels - interior project, office space, workspace 9.jpg

The far end of their works space’s main problem was the sound. Having it an open angle ending and such a a big size, concrete floor, you could barely talk with someone without hearing your own voice too loud.
The walls where already covered with large sound absorbing frames, but it was clearly not enough for such a space.

At the far end we complimented the walls with these fun panels from BAUX. super cool sound solution you can read more about here. They are modular, so you can really play around with them. And that’s what we did!

Baux Sound panels - interior project, office space, workspace  16.jpg

I wouldn’t mind working here…

That’s it! check back again for updates, Got any questions? contact us, or comment in the post!

until next time..


A styling for Enamel Copenhagen.

Deense Kroon just introduced Enamel Copenhagen as part of their collection.

This is a small styling we did for some of their beautiful pieces that just arrived.

Jewerly Styling, display, retail display, Enamel Copenhagen our work for Deense Kroon new collection .jpg
Jewerly Styling, display, retail display, Enamel Copenhagen our work for Deense Kroon new collection 5.jpg
Jewerly Styling, display, retail display, Enamel Copenhagen our work for Deense Kroon new collection 1.jpg

Crushing on this earings

Jewerly Styling, display, retail display, Enamel Copenhagen our work for Deense Kroon new collection 6.jpg
Jewerly Styling, display, retail display, Enamel Copenhagen our work for Deense Kroon new collection 3.jpg

Comments? let us know.

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Bolon floors are 100% recycled plastic rugs for use in areas where there is constant traffic. The company was established over 60 years ago when founder Nils-Erik Eklund began reusing textile waste to create rag rugs. Today the brand works with world-class architects & designers developing new tiles and patterns used in projects around the world.

Bolon flooring Wing 1.jpg

The company's main focus is sustainable innovation, using vinyl waste to create tile rugs. Since then, sustainability has been an integral part of Bolon. Today all products are designed and produced in Ulricehamn, Sweden, where they recycle their flooring.

Bolon tiles

Tiles are a versatile and innovative design element. They allow for the creation of dynamic interiors where flooring becomes an integral yet subtle part of an exciting whole. Bolon tiles are available in different shapes, colours and patterns. 


Shapes of Bolon tiles 


Scale is the first from Bolon to feature an organic form. Soft and rounded, the design has a form reflecting the natural, glistening beauty of fish skin. The shape offers exciting interior possibilities particularly in combination with creative use of their colour palettes.

bolon flooring scale pattern.jpg
bolo flooring scale tiles.jpg

Soft and rounded, Scale’s naturally fluid shape offers exciting interior possibilities particularly in combination with creative use of our exciting colour palettes.

Wave, Inspired by the curvature of terra cotta rooftop tiles. Its graphic profile and organic curvature make it a fluid, versatile flooring tile that can be combined in a wide variety of colours and patterns for a playful yet elegant expression.

bolon tiles wave flooring .jpg
bolon wave .jpg

With its innovative form, Wave can be laid in different directions and repeated at half distance. Its graphic yet organic shape means the design versatility of this tile is almost unlimited.  

Wing is a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of the collections and elevate them to a new level. The design facilitates new dimensions for small interior design environments.

bolon flooring tiles wing.jpg
bolon flooring wing tile .jpg

Wing’s strong architectural form harmonises beautifully with other interior details.

Deco was launched together with the Create collection and in that special combination, true magic happens. Deco conveys the elegant feeling and flourishing movement of Art Deco into contemporary floors. Smooth and classy looking when cut in the same flooring, while geometric and sparkling when cut in a combination of collections.  

bolon florring tiles deco.jpg
bolon flooring deco tiles .jpg

Recreate a classic design era with this elegant, geometric patterned tile – mix colours and collections for a unique look that strikes a clear design note every time.

Triangle comes in three different sizes and is a strict geometric, yet playful flooring shape that offers architects and designers endless possibilities. Sophisticated surfaces are easily created when simply turning triangles cut in the same collection whereas colourful surfaces with geometrical patterns of rhombuses and triangles can be seen when mixing collections.  

bolon flooring triangles tiles.jpg

Strictly geometric yet still flexible enough to allow for playful creativity, Triangle represents endless design possibilities and delivers head-turning results.

Rectangle is a stylish flooring shape that can mimic the patterns of classic wooden parquet flooring. The rectangular form is iconic and works well with all kind of interior design styles. Work with the floor as a painting and build up the pattern design by combining different collections, colours and structures. 

bolon flooring rectangle tiles .jpg
bolon flooring rectangle tiles 1.jpg

With its iconic form, Rectangle can be laid in different directions and repeated at half distance. Its graphic yet organic shape means the design versatility of this tile is almost unlimited.  

Hexagon is a true classic when it comes to tile floors. With Hexagons from Bolon architects and designers get a totally new take on this classic. The shape builds up honeycomb patterns in all imaginable environments. The structure is fixed while the colour combination and direction of the shape in the installation is open to visionary dreams in the creative process.  

bolon flooring hexagon tiles .jpg
bolon flooring hexagon tiles 1.jpg

Hexagon allows for the design of attention grabbing honeycomb formed visual structures. Lay this tile in different directions and use contrasting colours to create stunning interiors.

The 50 x 50 Square Standard Tile are punched out as squares and stored as warehouse items. The 50 x 50 tile are always available in selected designs of their collections.

bolon flooring square tiles .jpg

Bolon Rug

Rugs are made from their own original material – vinyl reinforced by adding glittering yarn. The rug has a soft look and feel, and is highly durable.

The standard size is 2 x 3 metres. If this size doesn’t suit your needs,  they offer custom-made rugs – with bindings – in several sizes and shapes.

They have 2 collections Duet and Villa la Madonna. 

bolon flooring rugs 4.jpg
bolon flooring rug .jpg

Bolon in projects around the world

ADIDAS - Shanghai Headquarters

ADIDAS - Shanghai Headquarters

CISCO MERAKI - San Francisco

CISCO MERAKI - San Francisco


TAPWACHT - Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

TAPWACHT - Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

GOOGLE - London office

GOOGLE - London office

CGU - Melbourne, Australia

CGU - Melbourne, Australia

THRILLED - Malmo, Sweden

THRILLED - Malmo, Sweden











Earth layers from Erik Jørgensen showroom in Copenhagen

Last May during 3 days of design in Copenhagen, we had the opportunity to visit the Home Collection showroom of Erik Jorgensen, who teamed up with interior stylist Pernille Vest to create this beautiful tone in tone atmosphere titled ‘Earth Layers’, a series of spaces that have been designed as ‘a landscape of complementing colours’, where one room takes you to another.

Now we are happy to incorporate our favourite pieces to our collection. Scroll down to have a look from their beautiful “home”

Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 7.jpg

“The furniture appears as components in a landscape of complimenting colours, tone in tone. The aim has been through our choice of colours to create a soothing and inspiring atmosphere, which combined with the location of the various pieces of furniture in relation to their surroundings, provides an instant calm and serenity, “explains Niels Jørgensen, CEO of Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik.

Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 14.jpg

The walls have been painted in soft, neutral colours with a chalky texture, inspired nature and the tones of clay. The space is instantly calming. Curtains have been removed from windows to let light bounce around, while different mirrors create reflections.

Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 11.jpg

Spotted - New to de Insula family the Insula Wall.

The shelves organic design is a beautiful contrast to the vertical walls, and creates an interesting expression where the almost appear to be somewhat crocket.

Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 9.jpg
Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 10.jpg

“Through the colour tones of the furniture, we have tried to embrace and substantiate their mood with naive objects formed in clay and stone. It’s the details and nuances that make the difference, and the overall experience is calm, sensual and down to earth, “ explains stylist Pernille Vest.

Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 2.jpg
Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 1.jpg
Erik Jørgensen showrrom copenhagen, interiors, scandinavian design, living room, modern furniture 5.jpg

If you are planning to visit Copenhagen and you are a design lover this is for sure a place you want pop by. visit them at Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen.

A simple mirror that offers more

Flip mirror

Flip is inspired by the traditional dressing table where one can check ones appearance in the mirror and at the same time keep all the small items that are nice to have close at hand before leaving the house.


Javier Moreno

The designer behind this piece says: "Typically, a mirror has only one function, but I wanted to design a mirror that could offer more. You usually look in the mirror just before leaving the house, so why not let it be there where you keep the last things you use to get ready, or need to remember just before you go?"


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Here 4 beautiful images of some of our favourites bloggers and stylists, Katerina Dima from @onlydecolove , Hannah from @han_house , Hege from @hegeinfrance and Susanna Vento from @susanna_vento


The Dots

These playful hooks have become a true Muuto icon through its characterful and functional expression. The Dots take a playful approach to the conventional coat hook with infinite possibilities and combination to create your own look.


Want to learn more about the design, Muuto recently visited the site that brings The Dots into the world and spoke to designer Lars Tornøe about his friendly family of coat hooks.

muuto 1.jpg

“The idea for The Dots came from something that wasn’t really design-related. I wanted to make a mobile with circled pieces of wood in different heights. While working on the sketches, I discovered that it wasn’t a mobile at all—it was a coat hook!”

“The Dots are composed of two pieces of wood that have been glued together. They’re put in a lathe and carefully shaped into the final form,” while noting that “the design is shaped so that there’s minimal waste of material.”


“The Dots strike the delicate balance of form and function to a high degree, making them a decorative object even when they’re not in use. It gives the design a friendly and playful character that really adds to the atmosphere of any room,” he says

To Tornøe, the most unique thing about The Dots is its possibilities: “The Dots are very versatile and can be used anywhere, whether it be the living room, a hallway, the kitchen or the bedroom. With the 18 different colors across four different sizes, you can combine The Dots exactly as you want. The possibilities are infinite,” Tornøe ends.

Check out our Pinterest Muuto Board and get inspired

Ferm Living The HOME for Minis

Beyond childish imagination, this kid's room is to die for.


The mix of colours and patterns create a fun, creative and bright space for the little ones.



The playful kid's Universe

Bursting of festive and fun design

Every detail of this lovely kid's space is perfect. Browse our Ferm living kid's collection HERE and make your most loved one space look amazing!

The HOME of Ferm living

Ferm living home 

A mirror of who they are! It was amazing to finally be in this space and experience such a gorgeous showroom that feels like home.


Urban Jungle

With their beautiful range of pots and planters they made every corner of the home green.

Creativity in the workspace.

The colours in this room, the art gallery in the wall, the plants, artefacts and every single detail was perfect.


During their cocktail party we got the chance to try out the Ripple Rhapsody by the famous bartender Kasper Riewe that was actually preparing them. Reed more about this new signature drink from Ferm Living and get the recipe HERE its delicious! 


The bedroom


A sunny and gorgeous bedroom.

From shinny new things to little old treasures.

The bathroom

Browse our Ferm Living collection HERE.

Our visit to Fredericia showroom

The modern Originals of tomorrow 

Sofa 2213 was designed by Børge Mogensen in 1962 for his home. A proven example of how good design is timeless and able to outlive everyone of us.

Sofa 2213 was designed by Børge Mogensen in 1962 for his home. A proven example of how good design is timeless and able to outlive everyone of us.

A feeling of calm and joy was created at the moment we stepped in this beautiful white, bright space. It was perfect.


Mogensen 2207 Chairs

Finest in quality and completely unique in their beauty as they age.


Spine petit Lounge chair.

"We are obsessed with the material part. It is almost a passion for us to create something that embodies a slow pace" . - Space Copenhagen -

Spine Daybed 

Newly introduced to the spine collection. Day beds are a big trend at the moment, this one is one of our favourites.


Swoon Lounge Chair - a true beauty from every angle. 


Return of an icon

The Spanish dining chair, originally designed in 1964 is back in a revisited version honouring exquisite craftsmanship and finest materials to create a seating experience beyond the ordinary.


Børge Mogensen's masterpiece: the stunning Spanish Chair.


Ferm Living - a taste of the home

Summer is around the corner, and to celebrate the sunny time of the year, Ferm Living teamed up with the spectacular bartender of the Copenhagen bar Duck and Cover, Kasper Riewe and create 3 exquisite cocktails in their amazing Ripple drink glasses. 

"Our home is so much more than just a place. It’s a feeling, a scent, a taste. The sense of home is connected to our personality and memories, yet something we want all our guest to experience and get a taste of"  - Ferm Living

Here the recipes of the 3 appetising cocktails.


Ripple Rhapsody, 

The name of the new signature drink from Ferm Living served in the Ripple Long Drink Glasses, made with homemade rhubarb cordial, Gin and Aperol.

20. ml. your favourite floral gin
20 ml. Aperol
5 ml. fresh lemon
40 ml. homemade rhubarb cordial

Homemade rhubarb cordial
Juice a bundle of rhubarbs and filter the juice through cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Mix 1:1 with white sugar and stir/shake to dissolve the sugar. Keep in the fridge.

Mixing the drink
Fill a Ripple Long Drink Glass with ice. Pour Aperol, gin, fresh lemon, and the rhubarb cordial in and top with chilled sparkling water. Garnish with a rhubarb stem and fresh or dried orange slices.


Falling Leaves

10 ml. homemade pear/anise syrup
10 ml. Palo Cortado sherry
10 ml. Poire William
Top w/ dry sparkling wine


Homemade Pear/ anise syrup
Makes approx. 400 ml. 
Slice two organic pears and keep in a suitable container. Add one pod of star anise, 600 g. of white sugar and 300 ml. boiled water. Stir or shake to dissolve the sugar. Leave the mix to infuse and keep it in the fridge when it has cooled down.

Mixing the drink
Pour your homemade pear/anise syrup, sherry and Poire William into your Ripple Champagne Saucer. Top with sparkling wine and stir gently to mix to avoid losing too many bubbles.


Twisted Espresso‐Tonic

10 ml. homemade vanilla shrub
1 shot espresso
Top w/ Fever Tree Indian Tonic

Homemade vanilla shrub
makes approx. 500 ml.
Make a simple syrup of 700 g. white sugar and 350 ml boiled water. Cut a vanilla bean and add the scraped seeds to the syrup. Let the syrup cool down. When it’s cool, add 100 ml white wine vinegar and stir to mix. Store your vanilla shrub in the fridge.

Mixing the drink
Pour your homemade vanilla shrub into a Ripple Glass over ice and top the glass with tonic, leaving space for one shot of espresso. Stir to make sure the tonic and shrub are mixed. Stir gently to keep as many bubbles as possible. Top with an espresso shot and serve. 

All drinks are made by Duck and Cover Bar for Ferm LIVING, content and pictures by the brand.

Would you like to try them?

Get you Ripple series in our design shop and get ready for the summer.

                   Ripple Long glasses                                              Ripple Champagne glasses                                                Ripple glasses

Our visit to Milan Design Week 2018


Spanish dinning chair











Orange explosion






Spring News from Muuto presented at Milan


            New colours for the Nerd chair                                         Work shop coffee table 

Base table has grown, now available in a high version.


New colours, of the classic unfold pendant lamp and the metal dots.

Outline Corner 


Enfold sideboard

" Fuses cold and warm materials for a unique expression. "


Normann Copenhagen new launches at Monforte Tricolore in Milan!

For the first time in 10 years, Normann Copenhagen presentation will not take place at Salone del Mobile, but at the prestigious space of our partner Design Republic in the Monforte Tricolore area. and We can't wait to see it up close!


Timeless chairs in smoked oak and dusty shades gather around monochrome all-purpose tables adorned with subtle brass details. Cozy lounge chairs embrace you softly, while a new sofa system demonstrates how lightness and elegance translates into a modular concept.


CPH:DOX 2018 By Normann Copenhagen

WELCOME TO STRIPEORAMA!  For the annual CPH:DOX, Kunsthal Charlottenborg is bursting at the seams with colorful, functional furniture decked out in this year’s visual theme: stripes!

It's the second year in a row that Normann Copenhagen is the main sponsor of CPH:DOX, for which we our furnished the festival center at Kunsthal Charlottenborg with a sofa cinema, a VR cinema, lounge areas and a bar. 

The striped visual concept for this year’s documentary film festival winds its way through CPH:DOX’s visual and digital identities, as well as the interior design at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The stripe in itself is a uniform, monotonous pattern, and it is precisely this dull uniformity that Normann Copenhagen and CPH:DOX want to challenge to break from. Norms and conventions should not keep us from looking at the world in new ways. 

The stripe theme can be found in all of the rooms, in different ways. In some rooms, stripes appear on walls and podiums, while in others they can be seen in the layout of the furniture or in the color scheme.


A social sofa cinema

Social Cinema is all about watching movies in a completely new way. This year, 250 movie fans can enjoy the relaxed comfort of our newly-launched Sum modular sofas, whose invitingly open design is a perfect reflection of the Social Cinema's informal format. 

The walls of the Social Cinema are clad by gorgeous sustainable, eco-friendly textiles from Camira, with striking broad black and grey stripes arching from floor to ceiling. The stripes are repeated in the orderly rows of Sum sofas, providing the sensation that the walls, floor, and ceiling all flow together, and encapsulating movie goers with a warmth and comfort similar to home. 

Over the festival's 11 days, the festival’s center at Kunsthal Charlottenborg hosts over hundreds of exclusive film screenings, lectures, debates, virtual reality experiences, parties, and more. 

It was therefore important to create an interior design that could be adapted to accommodate the dynamic nature of the event. A field of Circus poufs and Stay tables speckle the top floor foyer of the festival center that can be moved and adapted to fit the day’s programme. 




Virtual experiences

Another part of CPH:DOX that challenges the status quo and the way we are accustomed to watch movies is the popular VR cinema. Furnished with swivelling Form chairs, festival visitors can experience the unhindered freedom of movement and fully enjoy the virtual reality experience. 

Content and photography by Normann Copenhagen 

Visiting Kolk and Kolk showroom

Exploring the new Ferm Living collection







Ripple Long Drink Glasses 

Beautiful dining set up