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This is the creative side of Crioll.
We love spaces; interior, exterior, living and non living.
By playing with the possibilities of aesthetics we look for minimal solutions for everyday life.
Quality over quantity.
We believe all spaces have a story and need to reflect their users in order to become alive. 
Crioll is a creative studio that deals with spatial design, styling,  & visual merchandising.

Habitable spaces of character that enhance their users' everyday lives. 

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Interior Design

It's about understanding our clients' needs and desires, about knowing how they live/work and about creating spaces adapted to their vision, their desires and their needs. We search for creative design solutions to achieve long-lasting interior environments that are both functional and aesthetically attractive, enriching the users' quality of life.

Concept development and project generation


Realisation - completion


Styling & visual merchandising.

We create attractive visual displays for the the physical and online retail industry enhancing the aesthetic appeal of window displays, walkways, counters, in-store displays and social media content to increase engagement, buyer attention & sales.

Art & Creative direction

Visual communication

Window display / Etaláges.

Real estate styling

Product styling & branding.

Social Media content generation & e-retail communication.


Furniture for Hire

Looking for beautiful contemporary furniture & accessories for your next project? We have furniture for hire!

About us

Crioll was founded in Mexico by husband and wife team, Andres Everaert and Giselle Massieu in 2010 working in projects in fields including architecture, furniture & interior design, event styling & production.

In 2015 we moved to Eindhoven the Netherlands where we are now based.

We operate shop.crioll.design which has a curated selection of design furniture and accessories we are just obsessed about.

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